Ask the Videographer

The Internet is full of lists of “Questions to Ask Your Videographer.”  There’s an aspect to it though that really isn’t a question – it’s a feeling. Do you “click”?  (Also important with your photographer – which I just had to say so’s not to waste a perfectly good pun.)

Never, ever assume that lining up a videographer for your wedding over the phone or via the internet is good enough.  You need to meet the guy or woman in person before signing on.  Even if you have seen their work on their website, or what they shot for your friend’s wedding, or had them recommended to you by another of your vendors. By the way, when that happens, pay attention. It means that your, say, DJ has worked with this particular videographer before and that they work comfortably together. If you’ve been reading these blogs you already know how much a DJ, photographer and videographer have to interface in order for things to run smoothly and be captured completely. In fact at some weddings there can be 2 or even 3 photographers and 2 or more videographers at work within limited space and time. You don’t need primadonnas… you need teamwork!

So if you already know your vendors respect each other’s conduct at work, you’re that much ahead. This, by the way, is a great reason to hire as many vendors as you can from one umbrella group, like the Wedding Network in Woodstock. These people all know each other and have worked with one another already – a practiced team!

Of course you have to like the videographer’s STYLE also. But assuming you do, and even if BOTH your DJ and photographer have good things to say, you STILL need to meet before inking a contract. More important than whether other vendors like working with this person, is whether YOU will.

Your personality and style need to sync with this videographer’s. You need to feel comfortable in his/her experience, professionalism and ability to handle anything and anybody and any situation with humanity.  You have to come away believing that he/she wants to capture your big day in the way you want it recorded. If you get the feeling this person is just in it for the bucks they can make on a weekend, find someone else.

So, questions come in handy at this first meeting – they help you size up your potential videographer.  Next week, we’ll be sharing six of the most important questions to ask your videographer.