Smile, Darn Ya!

Unless you’re one of those people whose face is sort of built-in smiley (you know, who are NEVER caught on cam with their eyes closed or looking like they’ve just been arrested?), chances are you don’t go around all day every day exposing your pearly whites to the max.  Spoiler alert:  as a bride, you’ll be expected to.

It works like this: First, you spend long weeks and months of your free time obsessing over wedding details.  You try not to hit the Big Day fatigued; but for sure you’ll be thinking, at least a bit, about “how it’s coming off.” You’ve been zipped or buttoned or hooked or tied or all four into a long dress you’re not accustomed to, and put into high heels you’re not accustomed to.  You may be wearing heavier makeup than you’re accustomed to and something on your head you’re not accustomed to.

Aha! Time for you to walk out in front of x number of people, many of them strangers to you…all the way down that long aisle. They’re so glued to you, every eye on you, that they actually stand up and turn around so as not to miss anything you do! Now to some extent, this is what you’re wanting them to do. But few of us are movie stars. And not very many brides find this a comfortable couple of moments. (No, wait, make that a day. An entire day.)  

For sure your guests don’t  expect to see you looking frightened, as in “Oh my God, what are they all looking at??”  They would be puzzled if you looked unhappy or even serious, as in “Is it too late to back out now?” Panicked is simply out of the question.   So, no question about it, you gotta smile. And how to do that? Practice!

In the mirror.  In the elevator.  In the office. (You know that saying: “Smile. It makes people wonder what you’re up to”?  Might even make the boss begin to think you have a better offer and call you in for a raise! Just sayin’!) For sure nothing BAD can happen from you walking around with a big smile on your face. (Although maybe better back off it a little in the club or bar on GNO.) 

But smile every day! Practice smiling for long stretches of time.  Smile at the computer. Smile in front of the TV, smile reading a book.  Result?  No twitching muscles around your mouth or half-smile or crooked smile from nerves on your Big Day. Happy photographer and videographer. And GREAT captured images. Which should put a BIG smile on your face!