The First Look

A year to plan it, 1 minute to capture it… and the memory can last a lifetime.

The first look is often one of the most cherished parts of a wedding video. Imagine this: a bride is magically transformed into a princess, walks down the long path to the reveal, and the soon-to-be life long partner sees her for the first time.  Many times the father shares in this experience, too!

The art of shooting a bride’s first look extends much deeper then just hitting the record button. When choosing a videographer, make sure they have a seasoned background of shooting life events.  A good videographer will share a few ideas about the first look.  He or she will also capture the day with more then just one camera. A professional videographer will have at least 3 cameras available and able to set all of them up during the ceremony in key areas. This will give the edited, finished product a much more interesting feel.

It’s your special day! That first look by your Prince Charming or your dad, perhaps showing a smile that you’ve never seen before, will be in your heart for ever.