We Like…

For the wedding that’s more sophisticated than the rustic country wedding, but more laid-back than the ultra-formal… the combination of white, brushed nickel or aluminum, and wood.

Bridesmaids in navy. Bright navy says “spring” (and even summer) while still saying “elegant and classy”. Navy is happier and less formal than black. It flatters almost everyone, which your posse will appreciate. Seldom does a navy dress get designed with fussy detail, so chances are your attendants will be in pared-down clean lines that have several advantages. Identical dresses with very little foo-foo minimize the differences in body types that might otherwise divert your guests’ attention. Now you, the one in white, will truly take the focus!

Pastels are on our radar too… just not the pale pinks, yellows and greens you used to find in that silver dish of chalky mints. We are talking east coast pastels with a dose of neutral.  “Shore wedding” instead of “beach wedding”; Nantucket instead of Cozumel. If you can’t visualize these colors, just walk into a paint store for inspiration.

The one-stop wedding. We’ve only seen this once or twice but it seems to be growing in popularity. Admittedly, we still love a church ceremony. It seems to “seal the deal” right and proper.  Punch and wedding cake in the church basement were the norm in parts of the country a few decades back, but not now; and never, we think, in the Chicago area!  Too many wonderful ethnic communities here for whom a wedding is just about the greatest event going.

(Note: if you DO like the idea of a reception long on friends and real intermingling, and short on booze and all the entertainment “bells and whistles”—if the ladies of the church want to cook the wedding supper for you—then God’s blessings on you all!)

For growing the momentum and then keeping it alive, though, there’s much to be said for keeping it ALL at the venue; and venues are adapting to make this easy—adding little chapels; or designing all-purpose rooms that host a ceremony and then magically turn into part of the beautiful dining room!  Flowing from ceremony to cocktail hour to dinner to dancing really keeps things focused and fun.

All of this, of course, IOHO. Untill next time!!